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hi, a buddy and I bought a cushionflight several years ago. he moved shortly thereafter and we never got it going. we have decided to sell it and I am hoping you might suggest where to advertise. it came with no engine and is otherwise complete as far as we can tell. oh, there is no windshield. the engine adapters are there. it shows eleven hours on the hourmeter. if you turn the fan blade in the front, the rear one turns. we also have a rebuildable sixteen hundred engine for it. it is sitting on a poor trailer I would like to see go. any suggestion on value would also be appreciated. thanks for your time, jay

While clearing brush I have uncovered a red cushionflight model 240 Serial #055. It is in rough shape, no engine, only two blades on the front fan and no rear fan. the hull is intact but not sure of the condition of the fiberglass. The engine cover is there but broken same for the top half of the rear fan shroud. Is this a treasure worth cleaning out the 6 inches of cedar needles or trash? John Hoffman

I saw your web page. I have one for sale on ebay right now. http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1163232074 Keith Wilkinson

Hi: Have recently aquired a Cushion Craft 240 (I think) and am looking for any information available on this machine. Any info you can provide or steer me toward will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Roger Kessinger

If you are interested in this, I saw one last week for sale in Belton Texas. Jerry Flora

I trying to find information on the Hummingbird Air Cycle build by Air Cushion Vehicles in Troy, New York. I have found an Air Cycle that has been sitting outside for 15 plus years. It is mostly complete. Thanks for any information you may be able to provide. Neil Alexander

I have in my possession a 9'-8" diameter incomplete Bartlett flying saucer. Do you have any idea where I can get the plans for it? Thank you, Brian Bunnell

CushionFlight-240 with senator Howard Cannon riding inside CushionFlight-240 with Senator Howard Cannon riding, Year: 1970

CushionFlight-240 with unknown Thunderbird Pilots. Unknown Thunderbird Pilots

Could this be Ralph Maloof? If this is Ralph Maloof, let us know what you are doing today!

Craft on the Water CushionFlight makes a pond out of a chop-gives you bump-free travel over water and obstacles, yet floats like a raft with the engine off.

Craft on the Land RevFlight handles pavement, dirt fields, grass or sand with equal abandon. Its all the same, because you'll be riding on a cushion of air-above it all!

 Craft in the MarshLand The most impassable marshes, boggs, muskegs, swamps become veritable highways as you RevFlight over them. At top speed or zero speed, its done with ease.

Craft on snow and/or ice RevFlight over snow and ice fields at breathless speeds. Powdered or packed... Solid or broken... The RevFlight takes it in stride. Takes you over the dangers with excitement and pride!


  1. Engine: Volkswagen 1600cc, 4cylinder, 4cycle, air-cooled.
  2. Dimensions & Capacity: 14'6" length, 6'6" Width, 4'9" height, 425lb payload, 670lb unladen weight.
  3. Optional equipment: fly-on, fly-off, trailer or basic tilt trailer, plexiglass wrap-around windsheild, extra 4.7 gal. fuel tank, approved life cushions, fire extinquisher, paddle, horn.
  4. Performance: 30mph over water, 40 mph over land, climbs a 20% grade, hovers 2" to 4" above surface, carrys 2 adults, zero turning radius, 3.8 gallons per hour at cruise.
  5. Construction: All Fiberglass construction, sealed twin hull serves as floatation tanks.
  6. Suggested List Price: $3,495.00 F.O.B. Factory Effective Nov. 1, 1968 Subject to change without notice.
  7. Note RevFlight Model 240 is coast-guard approved and licensed as a boat.

  • Test flown by the Las Vegas Nellis AirForce Base Thunderbirds and
  • As seen in Popular Science January, 1969; the following have experienced the CushionFlight:
  • Charles E. Nerpel
  • Dan Wess
  • Dan Henderson
  • Don Ward
  • Dusty A. Backeburg
  • Ralph P. Maloof
  • Dan & John Russell
  • Tony Myers
  • Howard Cannon
  • Major Tom Swalm
  • Major Bob Jackson
  • Captain Tom Gibbs
  • Major Mike Kerby
  • Captain Gary Younglove
  • Captain Denny Webble
  • Lee Walker
  • Ray Pranske
  • Gene Rounsaville
  • Aubrey Rogers
  • N. J. (Nick) Jenise
  • Frank Niemann
  • H. G. Smith
  • Ellis Donald
  • John Cairadella
  • Robert S. Caferelli
  • Major Doyle Ruff
  • Major Bill Elander
  • Captain Art Ivins
  • Captain Burt Routman
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    • got this reply a few years back
      Recently ran across your page at and thought you'd like to know your unidentified T-Bird guys in picture number two are: 1 - Yellow long sleeve shirt is Mike Kerby, Solo Pilot of 1969-1971 team and 2 - other guy is me, Gary Younglove, Executive Officer 1970- 1972. Denny Webble is really Denny Weddle. Otherwise all seems accurate. It was a grand day!!! Gary

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